The Hunemployment Diaries: Here for a good time (not a long time)

[Iconic words from an tru icon x]

Good morning Upper East Siders! Not the normal way I’d begin a blog, but given that I’ve been binge watching Gossip Girl it seems to be the best way to open a post that I’d otherwise be stuck on how to begin. Today I wanted to write about something very dear to my heart: having fun. In the words of Miley Cyrus, “life is all about having a good time”. (Yes I do have Disney+ and yes, I have also been watching Hannah Montana). The problem is, with the pandemic; so many of us furloughed/unemployed; and everyone confined to their homes; having a good time is being ignored.

Are we having fun yet?

[Remember this era of memes? We’ve come a long way]

I was talking to my mum the other day, and it seems we both feel guilty and like we can’t properly relax because we should be working. This, my friends, is a classic example of capitalism (my Sussex Uni education is really showing here). Not to get too “harem-pants-and-a-crystal-collection” about it, but because we are conditioned to work 40 hours a week with the weekends off, it feels unnatural to be without a purpose on a Tuesday afternoon. We almost deny ourselves the opportunity to relax because we’re so used to denying ourselves in our usual lives. Think how often we skip going out with friends so we can go to the gym and get toned for our holidays, or deny ourselves a lie in in the name of productivity. Loads of people deny themselves pleasures like another biscuit or another slice of pizza because they don’t think they deserve it (I’ve always loved food more than anything so that’s not something I do, but y’know, it happens). Given that these are UNPRECEDENTED times, why should we also deny ourselves doing what we enjoy?

Be careful what you wish for…


Cast your mind back to a pre-coronavirus time, when all we wanted was time off. This wish is buried somewhere in your memory, go and dig it out. Every Monday, Twitter was awash with tweets stating “wish I could stay at home on Mondays :/ ” or “can we restart the weekend again from today?”. When small talk wasn’t centred around the weather, it was littered with statements like “I’d love a week off at home just to chill, get the decorating done, that kinda thing”, and the absolute classic “ooooh wouldn’t you just love it if every weekend was three days long?”. Well my darlings, you have that time now. I know it’s not really the ideal circumstances, and we’re all scared shitless of Covid-19, but you might not get all this time off again until retirement, so you should at least allow yourself a bit of fun hun.

But we’re on lockdown… so how can I have fun???

[Why not learn a new dance routine?]

It is tricky when so many of our favourite activities are banned. Here’s a list of what I’ve been doing for fun:

  • Hosting a makeshift pub night where we have a dress-up theme and make drinks
  • Reading!!! Remember books, and how we never have enough time to read them?
  • Playing The Sims (mainly Sims 2 with a sprinkling of Sims 3)
  • FaceTiming everyone (at least one person per day)
  • Ringing my Grandma at midday on a Wednesday because, why not?
  • Disney+
  • Sitting outside in the garden (I know how privileged I am to have a garden and I am so grateful)
  • Watching all the series’ on Netflix I thought I didn’t have time for
  • Cooking! Bulk cooking! Batch cooking! Marinating (tofu, obvs)
  • Sleeping when I want to
  • Watching YouTubers
  • Having a relaxing time

Here for a good time, not a long time (hopefully)

[So true Drizzy]

Some people are using this time to be super productive and honestly, fair play to you. But I wanted to express that if you’re using this as the world’s weirdest recreation time, that’s fine too. Don’t feel like you need to be maxing out on every second by learning a language/instrument/cycling/macrame if you don’t want to. If you wanna sit in your pyjamas and watch cartoons, or day drink and listen to 90s club bangers, it’s all good. As long as you’re staying at home. Soon this will all be over (hopefully). I’d like to finish this very unserious post on a serious note, by saying THANK YOU to all the amazing key workers who are keeping the country going.

Xoxo, WBR

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