The Hunemployment Diaries: being made redundant *before* Covid19

Hi everyone! Just writing a little update on what’s been happening in my life recently. And surprise surprise, it revolves around the C word.

But first, time for a better C word: a bit of context. Ever since I was 16, I’ve never not had a job. I worked at Wetherspoons and various other pubs/bars. I worked in a café where I wore a cap and hair net. I worked in a call centre (you know, the ones who ring and ask if you’ve been in an accident? Yeah, that was my job). More recently I started my more professional career, which began with a public relations internship; I then did a grad scheme where I worked with businesses to help them grow, before finding my feet in a public relations role in 2018. When I was made redundant, I thought I’d easily get another job. And then… coronavirus happened.

Me with the team at my grad scheme (Elle Woods eat ya heart out)

The day I got the news that I’d be leaving my job, I text my friend Naomi saying “don’t worry, I thrive under pressure. Gonna sort my CV out now!” – and then promptly went home and cried to Rich. As the days turned into weeks, I managed to secure some job interviews. At that point, coronavirus wasn’t a big deal in the UK, but soon job ads began pushing back start dates and people weren’t replying to my emails. As we reached lockdown, I received a job offer – but due to the uncertainty I don’t know when I’ll be starting. So, I signed on for Universal Credit.

PR in the 90s could never…

When 2020 started I didn’t see myself signing up for benefits, but then again, does anyone? Making the best of a bad situation, I made up a dance routine to the Universal Credit hold music; browsed Twitter to see how other unemployed/self employed people were getting on with it; and in the words of Mark Corrigan, “watched breaking news and counted my tins of butter beans”. I also applied for 18 jobs at Tesco.

I do have a job to go to when this all ends, and we can go back to our normal lives of commuting; going to Legs Bums and Tums after work; and heading to the pub on weekends (as opposed to eating cereal from the box in bed whilst listening to Drake and endlessly Facetiming my family). But in the meantime… I’m part of the #Hunemployment crew, and I’ve just gotta suck it up buttercup.

Xoxo WBR

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