The best pop culture moments of 2019

2019: what a weird one. We had ANOTHER general election (not another one?); we still didn’t leave the EU (no matter how many Boomers set their Facebook cover photo as a “get Britain out 😡” slogan); and people tied themselves to buses and trains to protest climate change. 2019 was wild. Whether you thought it was good or bad, it has blessed us with another swathe of pop culture moments that distracted us from the soaring temperatures and political turmoil. Let’s delve in.


Mental that before Love Island I could say the world “childish” without getting the image of Michael slurring the word in his Scouse accent while waving around a glass of Pinot Grigio. In hindsight, isn’t it ridiculous that 2 girls were fighting over a man who, in that moment, was oozing all the traits of a Facebook mum after too many wines down the local Spoons?

Happy birthday Miranda.

From the shard!!! In London!!! Missing you… loving your FACE! I don’t know why this is so funny but it is.

It’s not on YouTube (weird) so I couldn’t insert the video here, but you can Click here to view the original video.

“MUCH BETTA” Chips, Baga (2019)

U.K. Drag Race was everything I wanted it to be and more. It blessed us with so many classic moments, from The Vivienne staring dead into the camera muttering “I’m DRIPPIN”, to Blu Hydranga being secretly a massive ho. My fave moment was Baga’s catchphrase (maybe I’m slightly biased because she’s my fave queen).

Phwoooar Fishy

This slipped under the radar because it happened around the same time of the general election, so all the important celeb news got pushed aside in favour of various puns on the word “Brexit”. To be fair, this video is horrible, but it’s so classic Katie Price and it’s the reason I love her. In response to Emily Atack joking that someone should get checked after sleeping with Katie Price, Pricey clapped back with a random AF video where she slated Emily, and finishes it off with “phwoooar fishy”. It makes literally no sense, and that’s why I love it. The tabloids went mental (predictably), labelling it “vile” – which is ironic given that The Sun churns out far worse attacks under the guise of “journalism”.

“I like to be the guy who wakes up and makes everyone coffee in the morning”

Because I’m a basic bitch with no hobby, I could write a whole piece on some of the most iconic Love Island quotes from this series. So I don’t bore you (and get a disapproving eye roll from my dad), this is the last one (probs). Here, we see Curtis pie Amy off with the most ridiculous statement ever. Why would you ditch a girl you liked in favour of whipping up a few Nescaffs in the morning? The bad thing is, I know boys who have this attitude and use these kind of dead excuses. (See also: I WAS COMING BACK HERE TO TELL YOU I LOVED YOUUUU”. That’s ya lot on Love Island.) Skip to 0:50 for the exact moment.

The Receipts… brought to you by Spotify.

If you don’t already listen to The Receipts, you are missing out! Milena, Tolly and Audrey are like the three older sisters I never had. This year they went exclusively onto Spotify. This was a massive moment for podcasting history, because there is nothing these girls won’t discuss. Including a listener writing in to their Agony Aunt feature complaining about her boyfriend’s mum shitting in the bath.

WAGatha Christie AKA it’s……….. Rebekah Vardy’s account

There hasn’t been this level of WAG drama since Ashley Cole cheated on Cheryl. In October, Coleen Rooney accused fellow WAG Rebekah Vardy of selling stories to the press. After she began suspecting someone was leaking her stories, ColRoon added Vardz to her “close friends” list on Instagram, then added stories that only Rebekah could see. When they kept getting leaked, Coleen deduced that it must have been Rebekah leaking them, and took to Twitter to issue this ICONIC statement. And thus, Coleen earned herself the nickname “WAGatha Christie”.

Thanks for reading, see you in 2020! Xoxo WBR

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