All my hopes and dreams for Drag Race UK

What could be better than an America’s Next Top Model-style show full of extra AF drag queens? A UK VERSION! OKURRRR? Here is everything I hope happens in the upcoming series.

Guest judges

We already know Alan Carr and Graham Norton are confirmed as judges along with as Ru and Michelle. Guest judges on the US version have ranged from Khloe Kardashian to Miley Cyrus, so who knows what the UK show will offer? Here’s who I hope makes an appearance and why…

Maya Jama – I’d say odds of this happening are ridiculously high, as Maya is literally everywhere right now. You can’t turn on the TV/radio/Instagram without hearing her voice! Plus she would serve lewks.

Scott Mills – Lowkey the funniest presenter on Radio 1.

Emma Watson – a whole Harry Potter themed catwalk would be lit.

One of the Spice Girls (ideally Victoria because she’s the best one).

Kat Slater from EastEnders – for this iconic line and this line only.

Simon Cowell – It wouldn’t be a judging panel without his sarcy comments.

Idris Elba – Imagine his dulcet Laaandan tones describing someone’s fucked up padding. A dream.

Gemma Collins – No reason needed, the GC speaks for herself.

Runway themes

Category is…

Famous British landmarks. Like the London Eye. Or Harrods.

The Royal family.

British reality TV stars (a drag queen take on the Geordie Shore cast, for example. Or Love Island).

The Great British Summer (lots of winter clothing, with a possible slant towards a climate change protest).

Afternoon tea. With lots of “and that’s the tea sis” jokes.

Rock ‘n’ roll.

Drag through the ages (Tudor drag queens? A Victorian kitchen maid with a full face beat? YAAAAS.)

Chavs vs. emos (I think I’ve got distracted a bit and am now listing fancy dress themes…)

The Queens

A British Vanjie

A reeeeally Scouse queen with a thick accent.

One who’s a bit of a geeza (ideally from Saaaafend or somewhere similar).

Another romance between two (or more…) queens!

Someone from deep Wales who speaks primarily in Welsh and uses Welsh shady insults.

A guest appearance from a previous queen who didn’t make it.

UK Drag Race is coming to our screens this year. Read more here.

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