All the Millennial things I did this week: FESTIVE EDITION

A few months ago I wrote a blog about all the Millennial things I’d done that week. Things that would make baby boomers roll their eyes, call us snowflakes, and say “it didn’t happen in my day”. Things that perfectly symbolise the digital-era, falafel-eating, iPhone-using generation we are. But this time, it’s FESTIVE!!!

1. Did all my Christmas shopping online…

Because why wouldn’t you? Christmas shopping in the actual shops is exhausting, full of people and most importantly, you always end up buying yourself too many presents and forget what you’re supposed to be buying for your family.

2. …then had a mini breakdown when none of it arrived

To save myself from lugging it back to my parent’s house, I ordered all the items there. Then I had to organise different family members to open the presents I was sure weren’t theirs to see which ones had arrived and which hadn’t. It wasn’t easy. Not so smart after all.

3. Went to a supermarket really far out of my way to get vegan mince pies


asda mince

4. Realised how ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside‘ is actually problematic

She says no a bunch of times and he keeps trying to make her stay. Would not hold up in a court of law. I wrote a blog about this as well (also Millennial AF).

5. Tried to source all my presents from independent retailers

Cuz mass produced is bad and small businesses are good. (Although I did have to deviate from this a bit. Surprisingly hard to find an independent CD retailers in Bristol, despite it being the hipster capital).

6. Had a beauty advent calendar

The No. 7 advent calendar is my absolute fave thing. To be fair, my lovely Mum bought me this so she’s actually an enabler to my Millennial princess ways.


7. Didn’t put up a tree

No, this isn’t some kind of ecological statement (for once). I live in a 6 bedroom house share because the hipster capital has crazy expensive rent. You know the whole ‘no one putting up a Christmas tree because they’re going home’ vibe that happens at uni? It also happens when you’re sharing a house as a young professional.

8. Streamed every Christmas film I watched on Netflix or Prime

What’s a DVD? PSA: Love Actually and The Holiday are both on Netflix.

9. Didn’t send Christmas cards

Am I making a statement about saving trees? Do I just not have any stamps or know where to buy them? Who knows.

10. Listened to the Justin Bieber Christmas album

Mistletoe is one of my fave Christmas songs. There are obviously some terrible ones (Little Drummer Boy was described by Nick Grimshaw as “the worst song ever”) but also a lot of absolute gems.

11. Discussed Brexit

‘Tis the season.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone! XOXO WBR



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