7 essential items for your autumn wardrobe

It’s September – swear it was May about five minutes ago – meaning that Autumn will soon be on its way. Here are 7 essentials for your Autumn wardrobe!

Leopard Print Scarf

I was absolutely buzzing when leopard print came back into fashion this year. As a lover of all things animal print, it was great to see it make a comeback to the high-street, and I’m not ready to let it go just yet. A leopard print scarf is a great way of keeping the style running into the later part of the year. If you’re not feeling leopard, zebra, dalmatian and snake print are also bang on trend. More on that later…

Warehouse, £22
Warehouse, £22

Orange Jumper

An orange jumper is a statement piece for Autumn. Traditional Autumn colours are red, yellow and orange, but people often go for muted tones, such as burgundy or burnt orange. If the summer trends of bright pink and lime green are anything to go by, the more eye-catching and fluorescent, the better.

H&M, £17.99
H&M, £17.99

Thigh High Boots

As the weather gets colder, thigh highs replace barely-there heels and sandals. They might seem like an investment, but thigh-highs are versatile. Wear with jeans and a jumper for a casj look, or with a short skirt for a night out. Be mindful of your height if going for heeled thigh-highs – I bought a pair online without realising how high they were, and I was 6 foot 3 when wearing them…

Olivia Boots, ASOS, £44.99
ASOS, £44.99

Camel Coat

Camel is the best colour for an Autumn coat if you don’t want to go for a statement colour, but are sick of wearing black or grey. It’s neutral enough to go with everything – including your new orange jumper – but light enough that you can wear it to accentuate black rather than just blending into the background. I bought my camel coat from Topshop last year and I can’t wait to start wearing it again.

Topshop, £65
Topshop, £65

Snake Print Shirt

Back once again with the animal print… I wasn’t keen on snake print until very recently, but it now holds a special place in my heart along with mustard yellow and clashing colours. Wear your new snake print fave tucked into a faux leather skirt for a night out, to the office, or over jeans for a chilled day out. If you’re feeling bold, snake print co ords are also a look.

Silkfred, £43
Silkfred, £43

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are an essential for everyone, everywhere, every occasion. It’s super sticky to wear skinnies in summer, so the change in weather means that jeans are coming back out and I am here for it. Skinny jeans go with everything as long as you get the right fit, so make sure you get the perfect style, paying attention to what waistlines flatter you. For example, I’m leggy with a flat bum, so super high-waisted, long jeans look weird on me. Try on a few pairs with different waists, hems and colours and see what works for you. (NB: please can we make ripped jeans a thing of the past.)

Urban Outfitters, £45
Urban Outfitters, £45

A Beret

Just look how bloody cute they are!!

Nasty Gal, £6.png


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