All the Millennial Things I Did This Month

Not a day goes by that the word Millennial doesn’t appear in the headlines. Whether we’re being told we could afford a house if we quit avocado toast, or getting insulted by Piers Moran – who FYI hasn’t been relevant since Britain’s Got Talent in 2008 – we get our fair share of stick in the media. There are certain characteristics, traits and things we do that are ingrained in Millennial culture. Here’s all the Millennial things I did this month…

Went to London to Get Vegan Fried Chicken (Even Though I Live in Brighton)


Brighton is (probably) the vegan capital of the UK. Years ago, vegan options consisted of lentils, carrots and soups. Nowadays you can get everything from an Oreo milkshake to vegan fried chicken. I recently went all the way to Hackney to get vegan fried chicken even though I can literally get it on my road.

Used the Phrase ‘Social Media Detox’ Non-Ironically…


In the past, Generation X detoxed from cigarettes, alcohol and the 90s. In 2018, Millennials detox from Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Now I’m starting to see why everyone hates us.

… Then Proceeded to Preach to Everyone About How Bad Social Media Is


Because to be fair, it is well bad. Click here to find out more. #shamelessselfpromotion

Ended a Phone Call So I Could Find the Perfect GIF to Compliment my Blog


Do you think my Grandma had these problems when she was my age? Of course not, she was working full time and raising a family. The truth is, I can never take good photos for my blog. So I often end up relying of GIFs. The problem is there is literally so many to choose from, so it requires 10/10 concentration.

Debated Whether or Not I Should Start a Podcast


Pros: it might go viral and I can live off the profits. Cons: hate the sound of my own voice.

Refused to Take my Hoops Out Even Though My Ears were Killing Me


There is a hoop for literally every occasion. From the ‘mid-morning marketing meeting’ to ‘night out on West Street‘, they are a diverse staple of every girl’s wardrobe. Of course because I’m broke – classic Millennial – I usually buy cheap ones and then my ears hurt after a few hours.

Used My Overdraft to Book a Trip to Vietnam

m bad.gif

Sorry Mum. Sorry Lloyds. Sorry Student Finance.

Had an Existential Crisis


Nothing is as Millennial as questioning existence. Why are we here? What is the point? Why am I always tired? Was I put on this planet to pay bills? How will I die? All questions that go swimming round my head when I’m trying to fall asleep.

Listened to the New Drake Song 15 Times in 1 Day


Whenever people say they don’t like Drake I don’t believe them. There’s so many types of Drake… Passionfruit Drake, God’s Plan Drake, Marvin’s Room Drake, Proud of You Drake, etc. I recently listened to Nice for What 15 times in one day, in true millennial style.

Browsed Rightmove for Houses I’ll Never Be Able to Own…


…before laughing, closing all the tabs and sitting silently in my overpriced rented accommodation.

Got a Millennial story you wanna share? Holla at me by clicking here.

Xoxo WBR

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