What’s Good to Do in Brighton? – February

Thank the Lord that January is over! The worst month of the year dragged on for what felt like four months. I literally can’t remember what it feels like to be warm. I’m somehow nearly a grand more broke than I was in December. And as I spent the last 31 days led in bed, now that February has arrived, it’s time to actually go outside of the house.


Summer is still a long way away and we’ve got many moons to go until it’s warm enough to spend every sunlight hour sat on the beach. However, there are lots of things to do in Brighton this month, so check these out.

Love from Rachel x

P.S. For anyone who’s fed up of this winter, February is a short month and then we get a long weekend in March and then spring is here – summer is just around the corner huns.


V-Bites at the Pipeline

This is perfect for when you want some vegan food that tastes like real meat. It’s all well and good living off chickpeas and lentils, but every now and again I crave a doner kebab, a duck wrap, a chicken sandwich… V-Bites has you covered. I’ve eaten from here twice and both times were amazing. I had probably the pengest kebab I’ve ever eaten – and it was completely vegan so I felt good afterwards. Definitely recommend to anyone – whether you eat meat or not.

[Image from @vbitesbrighton Insta]
Curry Leaf Café

There’s a bunch of these dotted around Brighton and Hove, so if you live local, you’ve definitely seen one. I’m yet to eat a proper big meal at one of these, but I’ve had their wraps plenty of times and they’re always on point. When I ate dairy the paneer wrap was my absolute FAVE, but I went back the other day and grabbed a vegan one – will all the chutneys and chilli sauce – and it was delish.

[Image from curryleafcafe.com]
Dead Wax Social

Before last week, I’d only been to Dead Wax whilst drunk, and I didn’t even realise they served food (although it says ‘beer, vinyl, pizza’ outside so I’m clearly blind). They do deals on all their pizzas via Wriggle, and the vegan pizza is really good. I’m very sceptical about vegan pizza just because the texture is absolutely rank, but this one was actually decent. Plus, Dead Wax is a really nice place to hang out.


Live Music

Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn – Komedia – 5th Feb

The first time I saw Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn they were supporting Loyle Carner back in 2016. Now, they’re headlining their own show at Komedia. Their style is quite similar to Loyle’s, in that they create confessional poetry-type rap that is reflective without being depressive or clichéd. The boys are local to Brighton (or ‘Slade), and with this show sold out, it looks set make a Monday evening a little bit hectic.


Benaddict – Green Door Store – 9th Feb

(This one is a bit biased, because I actually know Ben kind of well). Again, I first saw him live at a Brighton venue when he was supporting another act. Benaddict’s style has changed a lot since I first heard his verse on the Concept of Thought track I used to play in sixth form, moving away from speaking about smoking onto discussing different topics and considering life itself. With his newest album ‘A New Leaf’ coming out on Yogocop Records the day before, this is definitely not one to miss. Check out the event here for £3 guestlist.



I’m not really a cinema kind of person (mainly due to my terrible attention span and weird OCD about only watching films I’ve seen before) but one film that I have been to see this year is Coco. It’s a Pixar Disney animation inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, and it’s so good. I would go as far as to say I liked it as much as Finding Nemo and more than Toy Story. It also teaches kids about different ways of looking at death, which is positive. You can check it out at Brighton Odeon.




Brighton Marina presents crazy golf with a glow in the dark twist. This is a great place to visit on the weekend, take your family, or go on a first date.


Sky High Trampoline Park

Located in Peacehaven (aka past the Marina and not technically in Brighton), Sky High Trampoline Park is for all ages. I haven’t been to this one (yet), but trampoline parks in general are sick. Going as an adult, you’ll be surprised at how hard it is to bounce for a whole hour, and question how unfit you actually are. Regardless, they’re really fun, and a good way to spend the day in what is generally a pretty bleak month.


Thanks for reading!


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