Why Pinball Dating is Good for You

All things retro make a comeback eventually – just take a look at high street fashion and you’ll see that nothing is original. However, while this article is titled Why Pinball Dating is Good For You, it’s got nothing to do with the old-school game that our parents played in arcades and we played on PCs before Instagram was a thing. Pinball dating is the process of continually dating people who are polar opposites of each other. Remember in Pinball, when the ball falls to the bottom, you can fling it to the other side of the board using the flippers? You’re the ball. While Pinball dating, when you break up with someone, your first instinct is to go for someone totally opposite (the other side of the board). As humans, we do this subconsciously. Don’t believe me? Think back through all your ex’s…


Although you may have a set type – mine is usually 6 feet tall, dark and disinterested – Pinball dating means that while you remain within these parameters, you will instinctively go for someone who has the opposite traits that you hated about your last partner. For example, you may have been dating a bad-boy who went out 7 nights a week and was constantly pissed. When the two of you break up, you’re more likely to choose a homely guy, one who opens doors for you and texts you to see if you got home safe. But if it all goes tits up with him, Pinball dating ensures your next date will have less of the homely qualities, and could see you going back to dating a bad-boy. While this behaviour has its obvious drawbacks, I’m of the opinion that Pinball dating is really good for you – so long as you aren’t going back and forth between the same two people.

With every change, you will discover more things that you like, and more which you can’t stand. While you might have loved the confidence of the bad-boy, you hated that he was always drunk. Likewise, you loved how caring the homely guy was, but got bored that he only ever wanted to stay home. This is all positive experience, as you explore what you like and dislike when it comes to dating. After the homely guy, you might ‘Pinball’ off to a guy who has the confidence and the caring-ness – only to discover he’s not ready to commit. You then veer off to a guy who has the above three qualities – only to find out he’s moving to Mozambique (I’m joking, but you get my point).

While some people see Pinball dating as damaging, I think it’s positive, so long as you learn something from each guy you date. After all, women have spent years being forced into marriages for various reasons. In the 21st century, we no longer have to settle. We just need to learn from each mistake (which is a lot easier said than done, I know).


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