What Happens on West Street

In a town where students brush shoulders with drag queens and the upper-class sip cocktails with tie-dye covered hippies, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that Brighton is just full of edgy bars, quaint pubs and glamorous late-night hideouts. But you’d be wrong. Just like every other city in the UK, Brighton has a ‘strip’ – and it’s called West Street.

Anyone who’s been to Brighton knows about West Street. Even if you haven’t been to Brighton, you’ve definitely been on a street similar to it. There are clones of it dotted around the country, where a Wetherspoons, a Yates, a Vodka Revs and a series of chain fast-food restaurants are all lined up next to each other, like a pleasure park for hen-parties and inebriated teenagers.

And guess what? I live there!

Living on West Street means two things. Firstly, it means that I can walk basically anywhere that’s worth walking to in town. And secondly, it means that I sleep directly above the place everyone congregates to sip drinks, sing, shout, be sick and shag every Saturday night.

Over this series of blogs I’ll be documenting all the weird and disgusting things I see on the strip, so if you drink in Brighton, keep reading and you could be featured.

Here’s a few to get you warmed up.

A Group of Girls Nearly Get Hit By A Car

Just before 2am on West Street, the street goes unusually quiet, as everyone who’s going clubbing has already gone in, and doesn’t emerge til around 4. Last Saturday, I watched a girl walk out suddenly in front of a car –  she then accumulated a group of 4 mates, and they were all stumbling around in front of the car, in the middle of the road, making no attempt to move out of the way. The worst part was, when the car beeped they all seemed surprised, so I think they were so drunk they didn’t even notice it there in the first place.

A Boy Pulling a Girl’s Skirt Up In Front of All His Mates

Don’t even need to describe this – we’ve all seen it happen, it’s annoying for the girl and only proves that the boy has zero way of speaking to females.

A Very Drunk Guy Paying For My Kinder Bueno

He was so drunk he insisted on buying it – and then proceeded to tell his mate that he’d just bought me some waffles, over and over again until I escaped.

A Guy Getting Mad When Strangers Wouldn’t Shout at Him

This is a weird one. A guy in one of the bars was going round to groups in the smoking area, challenging them to shout “OIOIIII” at him, and then getting annoyed if they didn’t shout it back at him really loudly. This was at 2am and I had to get up at 6am.

A Discounted Voucher to a Strip Club, some pistachio shells, broken glass and some feathers

All outside my door – someone clearly had a big night.



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